assertiveness skills

Does this sound like you? 
  • You don’t share your feelings out of fear you might start a fight. 
  • You avoid speaking your mind because you’re afraid your opinion will be dismissed. 
  • You keep your thoughts to yourself, but get upset when others don’t pick up on your subtle cues or read between the lines.
If so, you’re not alone.

Speaking up for yourself can be daunting. We often avoid directly voicing our concerns in relationships for many reasons: anxiety, low self-esteem, societal norms, or lack of assertiveness skills.

However, when we skillfully communicate our feelings and needs in an assertive manner, we generally feel better-- even if it doesn’t change the outcome of the situation.

It takes practice, but you can learn how to effectively and assertively communicate your feelings and needs. Click here to get your free copy of our assertiveness guide 3 Easy Steps to Assertive Speech.  

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